Greater Atlanta Christian School Raises Fund for AHA

Greater Atlanta Christian School’s K3-5th grade students raised $81,794.13 for the Kids Heart Challenge sponsored by the American Heart Association, raising $16,000 more than last year’s total. The school claimed the second place spot in the nation with 200,000 schools participating.

The beloved Physical Education teachers, Kristy Shelton and Jelaine Joseph, have supported the annual campaign for years. February is National Heart Month, and Mrs. Shelton and Mrs. Joseph use their class time to teach about heart health, the benefits of exercise and proper nutrition, and how students can be an active part of continuing research in healing hearts. The AHA provides excellent learning materials and, coupled with the teachers’ enthusiasm, prepares students for a culminating challenge of earning donations from family/friends for how many rotations they can achieve jumping rope during PE class.

Congratulations to Zoe Ogunniyi in the 5th grade, who rose to her own challenge! She was the top student raising $6,471. She received a $200 certificate to spend at US Games.

Zoe Ogunniyi with her parents

Zoe Ogunniyi with her parents 

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