Love To Ride Announces Partnership with City of Peachtree Corners

As part of its mission to help the city achieve its goals, the City of Peachtree Corners, in partnership with Colu Technologies, has announced a new partnership with bike riding platform Love to Ride, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions while supporting local businesses in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. The app – Choose PTC, powered by Colu, utilizes proven concepts of gamification and behavioral economics to transform the city’s strategic goals into measurable actions. 

The way it works is simple: Riders can earn PTC points on Choose PTC when they choose to ride a bike for transportation (one PTC point is worth one dollar). The goal is to incentivize locals and visitors to opt for bikes instead of traditional transportation methods (and get rewarded for doing so). The Choose PTC app can be easily downloaded on the App Store or Google Play

This October marks the 10th anniversary of metro Atlanta’s Biketober challenge. To celebrate, riders who ride at least 5 miles during the month of October and log them on their Love to Ride profile will receive 5 PTC points (equivalent to $5) to spend locally. Once 5 miles are logged, Love to Ride will email riders a unique promo code to copy and paste into the Choose PTC app to add 5 PTC points to their account. Riders who go the extra mile and log at least 6 rides for transportation on Love to Ride will earn 20 PTC points (equivalent to $20).  See below for ways to redeem in just three easy steps.

It’s that easy! Aside from the cycling incentives, shoppers can earn generous rewards at restaurants, retail stores, cafés, gyms, yoga studios, salons, and other outlets where they can be redeemed as cash credits toward future purchases. Any Peachtree Corners based small or independent business with a storefront that accepts debit and/or credit cards is welcome to apply as a redeeming business. PTC points redeemed by businesses are reimbursed on a monthly basis.

Choose PTC was launched in May 2022. Driven by economic impact, powered by data, and customized by the city, Colu has developed a convenient and modern take on driving local spending back into the community. The app’s customizability makes it easy for cities to focus on their unique goals. 

“We are thrilled about this partnership with Love to Ride since it greatly aligns with our mission by encouraging citizens to take actions that benefit their city. When we encourage people to cycle, we promote sustainability and healthy living. But even more so, when people redeem their earned points at local businesses we are driving a hyper-local economy.” – Ortal Tevel, CEO of Colu.

“At Love to Ride we’re always interested in finding ways to encourage and support more people to ride bikes, more often, and for transportation. Colu and the City of Peachtree Corners are doing some really interesting work with resident engagement, and we’re excited to see what we can achieve when we work together.” – Thomas Stokell, CEO of Love to Ride.

If you’re exploring new ways to help your local economy grow, you can learn more about Colu and its partners (including Love to Ride and the City of Peachtree Corners) at

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