SWGC Recognizes Local Youth

During the Southwest Gwinnett Chamber’s First Friday breakfast at Peachtree Corners’ Atlanta Tech Park, an outstanding local youth was recognized by community leaders.  William Diehl, Chamber Board President, presented the award and conveyed the organization’s desire to elevate students in the Berkeley Lake, Norcross and Peachtree Corners’ who are making a difference in their community. 

The SWGC presented its Character Award to Wesleyan School’s Alexandra Edgar.  The award was created to recognize outstanding students whose attitudes and actions embody the organization’s mission, passion, and commitment to excellence and community action.

“Alexandra was chosen as a leader because of her kindness to others, ability to follow through with commitments, and setting positive examples,” said High School Principal Joseph Koch. “She co-founded a club at Wesleyan that focuses on encouraging and serving different groups each month and over her high school career she has participated in several additional service organizations.  This year, she was selected by the faculty to be a peer leader for the freshmen class.”

Additionally, since beginning high school, Alex has focused her education on attending the Naval Academy or a college where she can participate in Navy ROTC with her goal to join the Navy following graduation. Alex is a leader in all aspects of her life, whether on the volleyball court, in the classroom or participating in her many service organizations.

At the presentation, Alexandra was joined by her parents, James and Jennifer Edgar, and her Wesleyan High School Principal, Joseph Koch.

For those wishing to apply, applications for consideration can be made by submitting a completed form to william.corbin@norcrossqa.net

About the Character Award

The Southwest Gwinnett Chamber looks to recognize outstanding area high school students whose attitudes and actions embody the chamber’s mission, passion, and commitment to excellence and community action. Each month a selected student will be recognized at a chamber event and presented with an award.

The award celebrates a student’s outstanding character, with a special focus on the following characteristics at home and in his or her community:

  1. Respect: listens to others, appreciates differences, can state opinions without denigrating those of others
  2. Citizenship: observes rules, does their fair share, is respectful of authority at home, school and the community
  3. Caring: takes time to extend themselves to others, acknowledges the feelings of others, treats everyone fairly without regard for their gain or loss of social standing.
  4. Trustworthiness: truthful, sincere, honest, stands up for their beliefs, does not spread rumors, returns what is borrowed, keeps promises
  5. Justice/Fairness: treats everyone with equal respect and fairness, does not take advantage of others’ mistakes or shortcomings, takes only their fair share, waits for their turn
  6. Responsibility: thinks before acting, accepts consequences of decisions (no excuses), tries hard and does not quit.

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